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There are many ways to invest, but none is growing in popularity as quickly as mutual funds. Between 1991 and 1998 assets mananged for Canadians has grown from aproxiamately $49 billion to $250 billion.

With so many cutbacks and changes in social programs Canandians must plan to take control of their financial futures whether it be for their retirement, childrens education or estate planning. Investing through mutual funds is the obvious choice for long term growth.


DIVERSIFICATION - Mutual funds provide instant diversification because they invest in a large variety of securities. It allows an investor to pool their money with other investors creating a large and diversified portfolio of companies. Most investors would find this difficult and expensive to implement on their own.

PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT - Successful investing takes knowledge and careful research. Investors benefit from mutual funds as the funds use professional portfolio managers, analyts, and traders. They have the ability to do extensive research before investing in the security.

QUICK ACCESS TO FUNDS - Unlike having your funds locked in G.I.C.'s and term deposits with mutual funds you have access to all or part of your investment whenever you require it.

As an investment professional I can help. I will help you build a mutual fund portfolio tailored to your individual needs and provide you with ongoing support. Regardless of your AGE, EARNING POWER selecting the right long term investments is one of the most important steps to achieving your financial objectives.

Together we will create a custom financial plan using wealth building and tax saving strategies. MAKE THE COMMITMENT TODAY TO HELP MAKE YOUR DREAMS A REALITY.


R.E.S.P. is an education savings plan usually established by parents, grandparents or other relatives of children.

The basics of a R.E.S.P. is as follows. The annual contribution limit is $4000.00 per child on a calendar year basis. You can not make a contribution 60 days into the new year for the previous year(as with a R.R.S.P.) and the contribution is not deductible however, contributions grow tax sheltered within the plan and contributions are withdrawn tax free. Also the government has introduced a Canadian Education Savings Grant (C.E.S.G.) which contributes 20% of the first $2000.00 contributed to a childs R.E.S.P. As the money invested within the plan grows tax free as it is withdrawn by the student it is taxed but the student is usually in a low tax bracket therefore a minimal amount of tax is due. The student may be enrolled on a full time basis in virtually any recognized university, college or trade school in Canada or around the world.


The following are advantages of a managed R.E.S.P. offered by mutual fund companies verses regular scholarship trusts. Scholarship trusts usually require you to permanently name a beneficiary by age 13 whereas most mutual fund plans allow you to change the beneficiary. Scholarhip trusts do not allow you to change the payment schedules whereas mutual fund companies allow you to change and even stop payments without collapsing the plan. Mutual fund companies allows a wide selection of investments and investment mixes as there are no foreign content rules. Mutual fund companies allow you to name more than 1 beneficiary per plan which helps in case one child does not pursue further education. And lastly mutual fund company plans allow greater freedom in the distribution of the growth amounts you are not limited to access funds as you are with the scolorship trust plans. Investing in a R.E.S.P. for a child makes a great deal of sense so don't hesitate call me today for more details or to set up a plan.



Volatile financial markets may be a worry for some investors but it should not be if you own segregated funds. With segregated funds you can sleep peacefully and reduce stress concerning the financial markets no matter how volatile the markets are.

Segregated funds are similar to mutual funds as they be invested in several asset classes from money market to international funds. They are invested in open ended funds that can be redeemed at their net asset value. You can invest in a segregated fund as a R.R.S.P. R.R.I.F. open money,and monthly investment plans to name a few.


1)GUARANTEE OF PRINCIPAL. Segregated funds offer a guarantee from 75%-100% of the invested amountat maturity or death of the owner. The investor would receive the grater of the market value or the invested amount. Many segregated funds have a reset feature that allows the investor to reset the guaranteed amount if the market value has increased locking in this gain as the guaranteed amount with a new guarantee period starting from that date.

2)CREDITOR PROTECTION. Segregated funds offer a certain amount of creditor protection from seizure in the event of bankruptcy or from being sued (R.R.S.P. and non R.R.S.P. accounts). The creditor protection usually requires that the beneficiary be the spouse,child,grandchild or parent of the owner and they should be named as a irrevocable beneficiary.

3)ABILITY TO BYPASS PROBATE. Since segregated funds are considered life insurance contracts if a beneficiary is named you will be able to bypass probate and fees as the capital passes to the beneficiary outside the will resulting in a savings on executor and lawyer fees. Also the funds are not tied up in probate which may take months to complete.


1)Risk adverse investors as you get exposure to the stock market with some guarantees.

2)Savings on estate costs as segregated funds bypass probate therefore reducing costs.

3)Investors wishing to protect assets from a market correction. Segregated funds will allow an investor to guarantee their invested capital and with reset options guarantee their gains resulting in the protection of increases in value.The safety of G.I.C.'s and term deposits with the potential of higher returns.

4)Self employed and business owners are offered a certain degree of creditor protection by segregated funds. The funds are protected from seizure from bankruptcy or from being sued as long as their is no indication funds were purchased deliberately to foil creditors.

As you can see their are many benefits to owning segregated funds so call today to set up an appointment to discuss your personal situation.


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